Confessions of an Affair: There is Hope 

This past year I confessed to sin in my life that caused the deepest pain in my wife and wounds that only the love and blood of Christ can heal. Since the day of the confession God has been performing miracle after miracle in our lives.

This site is an attempt to be an encouragement to other couples on a similar journey or for those who know people on this type of journey. So many have helped us on our journey and we feel a strong desire to help others through ours.

There is no way we would be where we are at apart from Christ, this is of utmost importance. I tried to write some of these things down a couple months back but I couldn’t. The only answer I had was Christ. The Spirit nudged me a few weeks back to start writing so it is time to uncover the nuggets of wisdom to share.

Secondly, I am married to the most amazing, godly and faith-filled woman. Her self-sacrificial love and complete forgiveness is the second reason we are where we are at today! Proverbs 18:22 says, “he who finds a wife obtains favor from the Lord.” Apart from my salvation I have no greater blessing than my bride.

There are others too I must never forget because they have and continue to help carry us through these difficult days. Some were intimately involved with the process and others kept believing in us despite not knowing what was going on. I am forever grateful for all of these friends.

Many say affairs don’t happen over night and its true. Mine started decades ago when the wounds first happened and when I was first introduced to pornography. Little did I know as a child that the seeds of sexual addiction were sown.

My prayer now is for the Spirit to guide my wife and I as we share so God may be completely glorified and that others may be encouraged in their journey.

If you are in the midst of recovering from a confessed affair know that there is hope for restored love!

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